Planning as a Service

Supply chain planning is a complex process, requiring specialized proficiency and most companies struggle with it. We can help businesses achieve real business outcomes through effective and efficient supply chain planning, and fast. Decision Advantage is a Managed Supply Chain Planning Services that cuts time-to-value and eliminates risk, compared to a traditional software selection process or even working with a large consulting firm. This model assures low up front cost and allows companies to focus their attention on its core competencies. We handle infrastructure, so instead of cleaning and fixing data, your planners focus on analyse and adding value – a better use of your human capital. Decision Advantage offers you the ability to transition from “buy” to “use”.

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Supply Chain Assessment

Assessment study of current performance and potential improvements in terms of forecasts, inventory and service levels. 

  • Identify and model various Demand Drivers to Improve Forecast Accuracy
  • Understand Demand behaviors- variability, volatility and frequency
  • Identify Current Inventory and Service Level behavior
  • Service Level setting with optimized inventory mix and quantity
  • Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization for inventory staging– upstream or downstream types of decisions
  • Identify opportunities for increasing Product Availability without Increasing Inventory Investments
  • Supply simulation- replenishment, distribution and production to identify long-term feasibility and constraints

Advanced Analytics

Promotions & Events Forecasting- Promotions & Planned events demand forecasting through removing the baseline demand and extracting the uplift actions

Cannibalization & Cross-Selling- Forecasting on cross-product

cannibalization, cross-effects, competitor’s events

Events Auto-Detection- Auto-detection of start, end and active products on events like promotions

New Product Introduction- Using product specs and combining it with an array of available product and market data including social media predict launch performance

Media Effect Forecasting- Online Media, Social Media, TV Advertising, Print and other media actions modelling into the demand forecasting

Social Sensing Index- Developing time series data on sentiment across social digital channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs and more

Customer Signals- Starting from Lead and Opportunities data (CRM, Loyalty programs and more) enhance sales per product and location.

Internet of Things Signals- Leveraging devices streaming data in real time, we combine those signals to enhance the forecast and add early visibility


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